Butang, Thailand

The Butang Group of islands in Thailand is situated near the Malaysian archipelago of Langwaki. They are a great place for charting and cruising. The Group is situated about 27 miles Northwest of Langwaki. It consists of seven islands made from granite: Koh Lipe, Koh Adang, Koh Rawi, Koh Tanga, Koh Chuka, Koh Tarato and Koh Butang. All these islands are covered by beaches of white sand and consistent rainforest. People like to cruise these places by boat due to the magnificent panoramas.

The waters in these areas are clean and very deep, creating the perfect conditions for snorkeling and diving. Those who want to spend more times in the deep waters can enjoy the beautiful coral reefs on the bottom of the water. If you aren’t certified as a diver, discuss with an operator in Koh Lipe.

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Koh Lipe is the only populated island in the Group. Here you can benefit from internet, restaurants and all the things civilization has to offer. If you come here by boat, which most of the people do, be careful when anchoring: there are many columns of shallow coral reefs. You can anchor and spend the night anchored. Many tourists do it.

Koh Adang is characterized by beaches. It is a perfect destination for when the boaters feel the urge to set up a barbeque right on the beach. The views are breathtaking. Just off the beach, there is a fantastic coral garden, which makes the place perfect for snorkeling. You won’t feel the need of having restaurants or other facilities in this beautiful place. Population on this island is made up of a small community of gypsies. In case you need something, just trade with them.

The most famous destinations in the Butang Group are the Hole in the Wall and Tanjong Rhu resort. Enjoy a meal at the Rahmad restaurant, at the Hole in the Wall.

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