Phuket, Thailand

Previously known as Thalang, Phuket is one of the southern provinces in Thailand. Neighbored by Phang Nga and Krabi, this province is not bordered by land. It is an island with no land boundaries. Back in the days, the island was a rich source of tin. Netherlands, England and later France did a lot of trading with this province.


There are many interesting and attractive places to visit in Phuket. Places like Hat Patong, Hat Karong, Wat Chalong and Old Phuket Town are the most interesting locations for tourists. Hat Patong and Hat Karong are the most interesting and wide beaches in Thailand. Being just beaches, these places are filled with everything a tourist needs when he/she goes to the beach. You can find restaurants, nightclubs, and al kind of hotels. Since they are both beaches, you can always enjoy all kind of sports and seaside activities.

In Wat Chalong you can find the cast statue of Luang Pho Cham, who has aided people in Phuket put down the Angyee, also known as the Chinese Coolie Rebellion. This happened during Rama V’s reign, in the 1876 year.



Located in the Phuket City, the Old Phuket Town is placed around Thalang, Krabi, Phang-nga, Yaowarat and Dibuk roads. On each and every side of the road, there are numerous commercial places, but also cultural places such as museums and other similar relaxing places.

A vacation in Phuket is everything one needs in order to satisfy his/her cultural thirst and need for relaxation.

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