Koh Lanta, Thailand

Ko Lanta is one of the largest islands in Thailand. 6 km wide and more than 30 km long, Ko Lanta features 9 beaches along the sunset coast, from North to South.

If you decide to visit Ko Lanta, enjoy the panoramas of white sandy beaches, coral reefs and under water marine life. It is also a place with plenty of forest, yet the main geography features mangroves, beaches with coral reefs and hills covered in trees.

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This place is mostly known for its laid back feel. It is perfect for those looking to have a holiday away from all the noise and parties but if you want to party, there is no shortage of great bars. Don’t worry that you won’t be able to have fun. There are also places for the ones who enjoy a little bit of noise. You can have a party in Ko Lanta, if you know where to look. However, most of the tourists visiting Ko Lanta are families and divers.

A little less popular than Ko Phi Phi, Ko Lanta is less corporate and commercial. This doesn’t mean it isn’t discovered. The West coast beaches on Ko Lanta Yai feature a rich line of resorts and bungalows. Venturing down from this side of the island, you get to discover a less agglomerated zone. Even when the island is filled with tourists, this place is still a quiet destination for you to relax and enjoy Nature. You will never encounter the situation of full beaches.

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