Sailing Phuket Destinations

Sailing Phuket is available to pick up and drop off in many locations. Here is a list of yachting destinations …

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Previously known as Thalang, Phuket is one of the southern provinces in Thailand. Neighbored by Phang Nga and Krabi, this province is not bordered by land. It is an island with no land boundaries. Back in the days, the island was a rich source of tin. Netherlands, England and later France did a lot of trading with this province.

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On the Andaman Sea’s shore, there is the Krabi province. One of the Southern provinces in Thailand, Krabi doesn’t have any boundary with the land and neighbors with Phang Nga, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Trang and Surat Thani.

The capital of the province is also called Krabi. This province is noted for its natural beauty. You will discover lone limestone peaks, either on the ground as well as in the sea. 

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Butang Group

The Butang Group of islands in Thailand is situated near the Malaysian archipelago of Langwaki. They are a great place for charting and cruising. The Group is situated about 27 miles Northwest of Langwaki. It consists of seven islands made from granite: Koh Lipe, Koh Adang, Koh Rawi, Koh Tanga, Koh Chuka, Koh Tarato and Koh Butang. All these islands are covered by beaches of white sand and consistent rainforest.

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Koh Dam

In English, Koh Dam translates as the “Chicken Island”. You may not understand why right now, but when you will get there you will see it. The large, not quite usual rock that protrudes upwards from the end part of the island will explain on its own why is this island called like this. Its shape is identical to a chicken head.

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Phang Nga

One of the provinces in the South of Thailand, Phang Nga resides on the shore of the Andaman Sea. It is surrounded in North by Ranong, Surat Thani and Krabi, and in South by the Phuket province.

Being situated West of the Malay Peninsula, the province consists of many Phang Nga Bay islands. The most famous of them all is the one known as the James Bond Island. The 1974 movie “The Man with the Golden Gun” was filmed in this location.

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Koh Lanta

Ko Lanta is one of the largest islands in Thailand. 6 km wide and more than 30 km long, Ko Lanta features 9 beaches along the sunset coast, from North to South.

If you decide to visit Ko Lanta, enjoy the panoramas of white sandy beaches, coral reefs and under water marine life. It is also a place with plenty of forest, yet the main geography features mangroves, beaches with coral reefs and hills covered in trees.

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Koh Hong

The uninhabited island of Koh Hong (in English “Room Island”) offers tourists truly spectacular views. It is one real and true fine example of each and every element that makes the islands in this Southern part of the Andaman Sea so unbelievably beautiful and highly appreciated.

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Phi Phi & Bida

Phi Phi & Koh Bida is a six island archipelago located in Krabi Province, Southern Thailand. Tourists find it to be the most beautiful and easily accessible archipelago in the entire world. Having something for every kind of persons, Phi Phi & Koh Bida lives it up to the positive reputation. It doesn’t matter what you love doing.

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Similan Islands

Part of the Phang Nga Province and a national park established in 1982, the Similan Islands is a group of islands at the Andaman Sea. The authorities named this archipelago a national park after the forestry department explored the area for a year. The Similans are 70 km far from Phang Nga. Consisting of 9 islands, Similan means “nine” in the Yawi language.

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Koh Muk, Koh Ngai, Koh Kradan

Koh Muk, Koh Ngai and Koh Kradan are three islands located at a short distance from Koh Lanta. They gained popularity with tourists and Nature lovers due to the fact that they are part of a group made of 4 islands. As a matter of fact, they are included in tours especially organized for tourists

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Koh Haa

In the middle of the Koh Lanta National Park, there is a nest for one of the most precious jewels of the Andaman Sea: the 6 islands collection Koh Haa – Koh Haa Yai and 5 other islands.

People coming here can see dolphins and sometimes whales. It is best to not take a speedboat, if you want to catch some marine life in action.