Koh Dam, Thailand

Observable form the Ao Nang beach, Koh Dam is situated as close to the mainland as possible, at least when it comes to the itineraries suggested to tourists.

In English, Koh Dam translates as the “Chicken Island”. You may not understand why right now, but when you will get there you will see it. The large, not quite usual rock that protrudes upwards from the end part of the island will explain on its own why is this island called like this. Its shape is identical to a chicken head.

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Besides the “chicken head” rock, the island is well known amongst tourists and people going there for its “hidden beach”. This is a long peninsula of white sand. You can notice this peninsula only when the tide is low. However, don’t think that when the tide is high, there is nothing for you to do here. As soon as this happens, there are 2 gorgeous beaches to choose from. One is located on this island; the other one is located on an island that is neighboring it.

Approximately 10 islands of smaller sizes surround Koh Dam. All these islands create gorgeous sceneries of flora and rocks emerging from the emerald waters of Andaman

People and tourists use this island for transfer cruises between Krabi and Koh Lanta. Its location makes it also ideal for this. In case you have accommodation in Koh Lanta, arrange a pick up from the airport in Krabi and get transported to Koh Lanta.

As far as activities go, you can always enjoy the beautiful sights the sunset offers here, you can swim and snorkel or you can learn to sail. People who come here have a lot of things to do. Sightseeing is not the only way to enjoy the places and the atmosphere. There are many activities you can always enjoy.

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