Koh Hong, Thailand

The uninhabited island of Koh Hong (in English “Room Island”) offers tourists truly spectacular views. It is one real and true fine example of each and every element that makes the islands in this Southern part of the Andaman Sea so unbelievably beautiful and highly appreciated.

When traveling around this place, you will have to go through a narrow channel in the island’s walls in order to enter the “room lagoon”. This is a gorgeous lake surrounded by rich green fauna that hasn’t been spoiled by humans. This kind of fauna climbs up very high on the limestone walls. Besides sightseeing, tourists in Koh Hong can have fun swimming, snorkeling or just staying on the gorgeous beaches, as soon as the anchor gets to be dropped.

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When you are done with Koh Hong, go ahead and sail North of the island. You will be taken to the strangely shaped pinnacles of the Koh Pak Bia Group. You will enjoy your sight with amazing views of islands that have never been habited, and limestone pinnacles that feature lush green vegetation never seen in other places.

This route is also used for transfer cruises between Krabi and Koh Lanta. As a matter of fact, it is an ideal route for transfers of this kind to take place. In case you are staying in Koh Lanta, arrange a pick-up from the Krabi airport. Being transported to Koh Lanta in style is something.

While staying in Koh Hong & Koh Pak Bia, learn how to sail, snorkel in the cleanest waters of Thailand, take walks on the beach and relax. It is only logical that from here, your next destination to be Koh Lanta.

Koh Hong & Pak Bia are among the most beautiful and untouched islands of the Krabi, the ideal choice for Nature and sea wilderness.

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